Urgent blood shortage lingers while hospitals expand services


Will current blood donations fulfill post-pandemic transfusion demands?

As masks are peeling off, the blood supply remains in dire straits across North, Central and East Texas. Some longtime blood banking professionals describe it as the worst seen in 30 years.

Carter BloodCare says blood donations are urgently needed, especially from people who have never donated blood.

Pre-pandemic, the region’s largest blood program estimated 1000 donors a day could meet hospitals’ transfusion requirements for their patients, with plenty of reserve. Daily shipments ranged from 600 to 800 units of packed red cells.

For over a year now, daily blood donations are not even replacing one-to-one, the day’s shipments. There’s also limited reserve, with as few as 40 units of packed red cells on one particular day. Carter BloodCare says the deficit in the blood supply could require as many as 1500 donors a day to reach pre-pandemic blood availability. They encourage you to donate blood and tell your friends and family to donate blood.

Need a few compelling reasons why?

1. Donating blood is the most extraordinary thing an ordinary person can do.
2. Blood transfusions ease complications, extend life and save lives.
3. Don’t donate blood because you might need it, donate blood because patients depend on you.

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