Guests from Medical City and Prism Health highlight “The Human Side of Health Care”


Episode 35 of the second year of the DFW Hospital Council’s weekly radio program “The Human Side of Health Care” was broadcast on Sunday on KRLD 1080 AM. The discussion detailed women’s health in the modern age and the FDA’s approval of the COVID-19 vaccine. Guests included: • Laura Swaney, Division VP of Women’s and Children’s Services at Medical City … Read More

Sometimes all it takes is an invitation – Have you ever donated blood?


Share this information with your affinity groups: your book club, neighborhood HOA and workout buddies. Blood banking research indicates one of the key reasons for not donating blood is “No one ever asked me.” If all it takes is an invitation for you to donate blood, consider yourself invited now. If you’re reading this, please give thought to donating blood, … Read More

Urgent blood shortage lingers while hospitals expand services


Will current blood donations fulfill post-pandemic transfusion demands? As masks are peeling off, the blood supply remains in dire straits across North, Central and East Texas. Some longtime blood banking professionals describe it as the worst seen in 30 years. Carter BloodCare says blood donations are urgently needed, especially from people who have never donated blood. Pre-pandemic, the region’s largest … Read More

Carter BloodCare to host three-day drive at Fair Park Music Hall


Carter BloodCare will be hosting a three-day blood drive, May 26-28 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Fair Park Music Hall in Dallas. When you donate blood with Carter BloodCare, you are giving more time to your neighbors, your community and to fellow Texans. Every person who donates is entered in a drawing for a chance to win … Read More

Public Policy Concern –
Drug Shortages are Critical


In 2010, more than 200 drug shortages were reported by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and have continued into 2012. The shortages have occurred across drug classes including critical drugs used in surgery, anesthesia, emergency care and oncology. The current shortages throughout the industry appear to be the result of a significant expansion in the scope and volume of … Read More