Unsung Heroes


I blogged last year on the terrible shooting tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The first responders, emergency workers and trauma teams were prepared but distressed as only three injured people survived the incident.

Sadly, we learned this week at the Boston Marathon about the human devastation related to terrorism. The first responders, emergency workers, trauma teams and physicians saved lives and minimized the physical damage to the injured. We learned last week in Irving, Texas how our first responders, trauma teams, hospitals and communities could rise to the occasion as they quickly cared for the injured in the horrible highway bus accident.

Our region is blessed with caring first responders, emergency physicians, trauma unit teams and support personnel. Like those heroic teams in Connecticut and Boston, they are prepared for the unexpected emergence of tragic events. At this very moment, many patients are alive because they received immediate treatment from our professional medical emergency teams.

As I said before, a simple “thank you” is not enough. But it is a start, as they are truly unsung heroes.

UPDATE: I wrote this blog on Wednesday, April 17 and a tragedy occurred last night in West, Texas. Once again, we are so thankful for the emergency teams that continually serve our communities.