Flatirons Digital Innovations introduces Flatirons Digital Hub for healthcare


The DFW Hospital Council posts guest blogs by Associate Members. The following was provided by Flatirons Digital Innovations.

Flatirons Digital Innovations Inc., FDI, a content services and system integration provider, announced last week the availability of Flatirons Digital Hub for Healthcare. The new clinical informatics solution moves patient information from aging or redundant electronic health record (EHR) systems to a consolidated repository, providing secure and efficient access to legacy EHR data from a single location. By making all EHR data easily available to clinicians, healthcare information management (HIM) staff, and revenue cycle management teams―regardless of the original system―Flatirons Digital Hub for Healthcare helps improve patient care and optimize business operations.

“FDI specializes in content and data management solutions for clients in highly regulated industries,” said Paul Barry, vice president of sales for FDI. “During the past several years, we’ve seen a sharp increase in our work with healthcare organizations, particularly for managing patient data on aging or redundant EHR systems. This is the result of ongoing mergers and acquisitions in the healthcare industry along with a trend toward consolidation on leading EHR systems. Maintaining multiple EHRs has made it increasingly difficult to access a patient’s complete medical history in real time from one place, respond timely to release of information (ROI) and audit requests, and manage accounts payable burn down associated with information in legacy EHRs.”

“Healthcare organizations are focused on providing the most effective patient-based care possible,” continued Barry. “However, patient data is often scattered across multiple active and legacy EHRs, and sometimes across multiple provider locations. Under these circumstances it is extremely challenging to keep IT costs down, satisfy risk and compliance requirements, and deliver exceptional care.”

Flatirons Digital Hub for Healthcare helps healthcare organizations address these challenges. It is based on FDI’s experience designing data archiving and application decommissioning solutions for healthcare, financial services, and other clients. Flatirons Digital Hub combines a powerful data model customized to EHR systems along with granular security and retention capabilities from its source repository, OpenText™ InfoArchive. InfoArchive is the backbone of dozens of archiving solutions that demand tight security, chain of custody, and data retention capabilities. Flatirons Digital Hub’s web-based application gives clinicians easy and secure access to historical medical records; gives HIM staff immediate access to patient and provider records; and gives revenue cycle management teams the ability to track AR burn down from legacy EHR accounts.

“OpenText InfoArchive is a powerful application to help archive and manage data in accordance with compliance policies while keeping historic information and intelligence accessible to users. This collaboration with Flatirons helps to extend our reach in the healthcare sector,” said Stephen Ludlow, Vice President of Product Marketing at OpenText. “InfoArchive, together with FDI’s flexible and familiar EHR interface give healthcare organizations a modern tool to deliver the best care possible.”

Flatirons Digital Hub for Healthcare is available now in both on premises and cloud-based options.

FDI is demonstrating the solution July 31 – August 2, 2019, at EXPO.Health in Boston. Visit FDI at booth #5 to learn more.

About Flatirons Digital Innovations, Inc.
Flatirons Digital Innovations Inc. builds a more educated and informed society by enabling transparent and accessible digital information. It does this by facilitating timely, accurate, and informed conversations between organizations and their customers that help solve complex content- and data-driven challenges at the heart of business operations. FDI specializes in enterprise content services through technology assessments, solution blueprints, and implementation, integration and support for projects ranging from application decommissioning and data archiving, to document capture, revenue lifecycle management and more. Its customers include healthcare and financial services organizations, energy and manufacturing companies, and others. Flatirons is based in Boulder, Colorado.

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