DFWHC’s Love posts national blog detailing Texas’ uninsured children


Could expansion of Medicaid solve the growing problem of children lacking health insurance in Texas? According to a blog posted this morning on the American Communities Project website by DFW Hospital Council (DFWHC) President/CEO W. Stephen Love, the proof is in the numbers.

Titled “Time to Tackle the Problem of Uninsured Children in Texas,” Love’s blog explored the health and socioeconomic trends of children living in the state while revealing several disturbing trends.

“A direct correlation exists between states that did not expand Medicaid and children’s high uninsured rates,” according to Love. “Yes, Texas was one of those states that stood firm in its refusal to expand Medicaid. However, public opinion in Texas has been shifting. An Episcopal Health Foundation survey taken last year showed that 64% of Texas residents support expanding Medicaid.”

Love also noted that half of the nation’s uninsured children reside in six states, with Texas leading the way with 21.5% of that total.

You can read the full blog here.