DFWHC subsidiary GroupOne partners with MCAG to provide class action settlement recovery


GroupOne is pleased to announce it has teamed with Managed Care Advisory Group, LLC (MCAG) to offer clients access to its Class Action Settlement Recovery Service (SRS). The strategic agreement with MCAG will assist clients in identifying and recovering significant funds from class action settlements.

MCAG has worked closely with thousands of physician practices, hospitals, healthcare systems and businesses to assist in the management of class action opportunities. Healthcare organizations are frequently the most eligible entity for these settlements. To date, MCAG has distributed more than $300 million to thousands of customers.

Through the GroupOne partnership, MCAG will track relevant settlements on behalf of hospital clients, identify meaningful opportunities and assist in filing claims for payment. MCAG can also review settlement notices sent directly to an organization. The Settlement Recovery Service is provided on a contingency fee basis so there is no risk to enroll. GroupOne clients will not receive invoices and MCAG only receives payment when an organization recovers cash.

Upcoming Settlements include:
Lithium Ion Battery Settlement, $64 Million; Deadline – Sept. 30, 2017
Healthcare facilities that purchased Lithium Ion Battery Products including, but not limited to, laptops, notebook and tablet computers and mobile phones can receive cash from the settlement;

Menactra Antitrust Litigation Settlement (Sanofi Vaccine), $61.5 million
Any healthcare entity that purchased Menactra from Sanofi or its subsidiaries between March 1, 2010, and when the alleged illegal conduct stopped is potentially eligible to receive funds;

Blood Reagent Antitrust Litigation, $22 Million
Any healthcare entity that purchased Blood Reagents directly from Ortho or Immucore from November 2000 – October 2015 is eligible to receive funds.

You can visit the Settlement Recovery Service website for GroupOne clients at https://settlements.mcaginc.com/partners/groupone/GROUP1.

For additional questions, please contact Adam T. Schmidt, vice president, Settlements Division at 800-355-0466 x2406 or aschmidt@mcaginc.com.

Created by a board of chief executive officers more than 25 years ago, GroupOne’s experience provides an established advantage when providing dependable background, post-employment, drug and student screenings. Utilizing licensed professionals and state-of-the-art technology, GroupOne has grown into the most dependable screening partner in the country. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council.

MCAG is a nationally recognized leader providing services to improve cash flow through class action settlements recovery and revenue enhancement solutions. Owned and managed by experienced, senior industry consultants and professionals, MPAG’s client base includes public and privately held companies ranging from entrepreneurial businesses to major corporations; hospitals and major healthcare systems; nonprofit organizations; and schools and universities.