DFWHC-rooted legislation detailed in DMN story


The Dallas Morning News ran the story “Dallas-rooted legislation calls for 10 percent Texas tax on retail sales of e-cigs and vape products” this morning detailing a potential state retail excise tax on e-cigarette and vape tobacco products presently before the Texas House.

The idea was inspired by DFW Hospital Council President/CEO W. Stephen Love when he approached Senator Nathan Johnson of Dallas to talk about deterring minors from affording e-cigs.

If approved, House Bill 4013 could add from $1 to $5 per purchase to consumers. It is projected to net the state an additional $16.6 million in its first year and more than $20 million a year starting in September 2021, with the revenue potentially helping to fund public schools.

Love expressed dismay at findings announced by the Centers for Disease Control that nearly 21% of American high-school students plus 5% of middle-school students had used e-cigs, the most commonly used tobacco product among youths.

Penned by W. Gardner Selby, you can read the full story here.