DFWHC Partners with Argos Health on complex claims


The Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council (DFWHC) and Dallas-based Argos Health are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership. Under the agreement, DFHWC will promote Argos Health’s complex claims revenue recovery services to its members. Argos Health specializes in workers’ compensation, motor vehicle accident and US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) claims.

“We are excited to work with Argos Health on complex claims services. This is a challenging area for many hospitals and health systems. We’re looking forward to introducing Argos Health to our members,“ said W. Stephen Love, president/CEO of DFWHC.

“Given the high degree of complexity and relatively low volume of these claims, they can be a significant burden on healthcare providers,” stated Brent McCarty, chief executive officer at Argos Health. “Our team is specifically trained in these areas and committed to the management and resolution of this challenging inventory for our clients. We look forward to speaking with DFWHC members about our services and also to participating in educational opportunities to share our expertise.”

In conversations with hospitals and health systems across the country, Argos Health has identified the following key points around the complex claims needs of providers:

• Now more than ever, healthcare providers must make the most of limited resources. Many hospitals lack the specialized talent to resolve complex claims;
• Workers’ compensation, motor vehicle and Veterans Affairs claims are labor-intensive, often being reworked multiple times prior to resolution;
• These complex claims are a small portion of a healthcare provider’s business but often consume more time per claim than those related to traditional payers;
• Hospitals feel there is a benefit to utilizing specialized revenue cycle outsourcing firms, and it is becoming a more viable alternative;
• The improved performance of a specialized vendor leads to higher net complex claims recoveries even when taking the vendor’s fees into account;
• Outsourcing these claims allows the provider to re-purpose hospital staff to focus on higher priority revenue cycle efforts.

About Argos Health
Argos Health is a revenue cycle expert specializing in the management and resolution of complex claims. They work with hospitals, healthcare systems and physician groups to drive reimbursement and increase claims recovery through their core services of workers’ compensation, motor vehicle accident and other complex cases. To learn more, visit https://complexclaims.com.