Texas “Underinsured” Numbers Growing


By W. Stephen Love, President/CEO of the DFW Hospital Council We frequently discuss the uninsured population, but what about the “underinsured?” Perhaps you are asking, “Just what is the underinsured?” They are residents with healthcare coverage crippled by out-of-pocket health costs that are 10 percent or more of household income. That bar is lowered to 5 percent or more of … Read More

The Face of the Texas Uninsured


Blog by W. Stephen Love, President/CEO, DFW Hospital Council Numbers do not lie. A study of eight states that chose to expand Medicaid, including Arkansas, Colorado, Kentucky, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington and West Virginia, was released yesterday and the financial benefits were undeniable. The Manatt Health Solutions and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation report concluded those eight states enjoyed a … Read More

Preserving Access to Affordable Healthcare


Without healthy workers, there is no thriving economy. Access to health insurance for everyone is crucial because it improves the worker’s health and finances, all contributing to our economy. The upcoming Supreme Court decision (King v. Burwell) in June will determine whether the Affordable Care Act will allow subsidies to continue to flow to federally-facilitated health insurance marketplace exchanges. These … Read More

Why Texans should support access to care for women of childbearing age


We like to say that everything is bigger here in Texas, but that’s not always such a good thing. These days we have a Texas-sized problem with providing health insurance to women of childbearing age, and that means some babies are born less healthy than they could or should be. If you’re a low-income woman between the ages of 19 … Read More

Medicaid Expansion


Texas leads the nation with the highest uninsured rate of approximately 27 percent. Roughly six million Texans have no health insurance, including one million children. Forty percent of the state’s pregnant women do not receive appropriate pre-natal care. As Texas residents, these numbers are troubling and ultimately, the key to solve these problems is working together in a collaborative manner. … Read More

The 83rd Texas Legislative Session


The 83rd Texas Legislative Session for Texas convenes at noon on January 8, 2013. We thank our legislators for their public service to the State of Texas and hope for a constructive, collaborative bipartisan session regarding our state issues. Many priorities relating to the budget, public education, transportation, labor and workforce and the state’s environment will be discussed and reviewed. … Read More

Listen to our Children


The Center for Public Policy Priorities found that 1.2 million Texas children have no private or public health insurance. The study also showed that almost 40 percent of Texas mothers received little or no prenatal care and approximately 15 percent of the babies were born prematurely.  Many of these babies will be admitted to neonatal intensive care units. Obviously, employment … Read More