Senate unveils health care bill


The closely guarded Senate health care bill written behind closed doors has become public. The unveiling of the legislation marks the first time the majority of the Senate GOP conference gets a comprehensive look at the health care proposal.

With Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pressing ahead for a vote next week, senators only have a handful of days to decide whether to support or vote against the bill.

DFW Hospital Council President/CEO W. Stephen Love is in Austin today for an American Hospital Association meeting and offered this information on the bill:

• It abolishes the requirement to mandate purchase of coverage;
• There are deep cuts to Medicaid beginning 2025;
• It phases out Medicaid expansion 2020-2025;
• It defunds Planned Parenthood for one year;
• There are less generous health tax credits than the Affordable Care Act (ACA);
• It repeals $ billions of the ACA taxes;
• It moves Medicaid to a system of capped payments;
• It appears the essential health benefits requirement will sunset.

“It is a little better than the House bill passed last month,” said Love. “But it would hurt Texas residents and many people would lose their current health care coverage. Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough has a critical job now as she decides what needs to be removed due to reconciliation.”
You can see the full bill here.

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