R-Water’s revolutionary TK60 disinfectant – the green choice


The DFW Hospital Council is posting blogs submitted by Associate Members. This new post was provided by R-Water. For information, please contact Chris Wilson at chrisw@dfwhc.org.

R-Water, LLC is a San Marcos, Texas manufacturer of a small device that generates a one-step cleaner-disinfectant (TK60) for use in healthcare.

The company’s mission is to reduce preventable infectious diseases and reduce hazardous waste. The disinfectants produced by R-Water’s devices are less hazardous than many common disinfectants and are made from just pure salt and water using electricity.

From late 2014 through 2016, Microchem Laboratory conducted several tests to characterize the efficacy of TK60. The laboratory specializes in the testing of environmental surface disinfectants, high-level disinfectants, sanitizers, medical devices, antimicrobial surfaces, personal care products, and antimicrobial devices.

Microchem Laboratory is compliant with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations and stays current with regard to best practices for testing. R-Water’s TK60 demonstrates germicidal efficacy that is similar to, or better than, most traditional disinfectants. However, since it is produced via a physical mechanism from generic ingredients at the hospital or other institution and then used on-site, it falls into a different regulatory category than traditional disinfectants.

Traditional disinfectants are regulated as antimicrobial pesticides by EPA. EPA also regulates R-Water’s TK60, but as an antimicrobial pesticide device rather than as an antimicrobial pesticide.

TK60 complies with EPA pesticide device regulations and has demonstrated efficacy in independent testing conducted by Microchem as a one-step hospital-use disinfectant with an aggressive contact time of 60 seconds.

The kill times observed for TK60 are impressive when compared to similar disinfectants with kill times ranging from 3-5 minutes, and in some cases, as long as 10 minutes. Additionally, R-Water understands their customer’s safety is of the utmost importance. The active concentration of TK60 is approximately 200 PPM free available chlorine (FAC). This concentration is relatively non-toxic to end users.

TK60 offers cost benefits when compared to traditional disinfectants. Unlike similar products that must be ordered and shipped, TK60 is generated on site and removes the hassle of shipping and handling while providing convenience to produce the disinfectant at any time. TK60 is also a ready to use disinfectant. Other disinfectants must be diluted from hazardous, concentrated solutions prior to use. Requirements to produce TK60 are simply water, salt and electricity.

Being environmentally conscious, R-water also provides customers with the opportunity to cut down on their carbon footprint by keeping plastic containers out of landfills, reduce VOCs and potentially earn points toward LEED certification.

When you consider that nosocomial infections directly cost the healthcare industry almost $10 billion per year, it’s clear R-Water’s solutions are the smart and affordable investment your organization should make for you and your patients’ health.

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