Love posts national blog detailing e-cigarette abuse in Texas


Detailing the alarming rise in e-cigarette abuse in Texas, DFW Hospital Council’s President/CEO W. Stephen Love posted a blog this week on the American Communities Project website.

The website is a combined social science/journalism effort based at The George Washington University’s School of Media & Public Affairs that uses a vast array of data – from election results and economic numbers to consumer survey and polling – to break communities into different types for analysis.

Love’s blog, titled “Texans Fighting the Proliferation of E-cigarettes Among Youth,” details the trend to market e-cigarettes to today’s teens by creating a perception they represent a safe and enjoyable activity with a colorful burst of candy-like flavoring. The reality is much different as vapor products contain high concentrations of addictive nicotine oftentimes higher than traditional cigarettes.

“Despite containing nicotine, vapor products do not fall under traditional Texas tobacco regulations,” said Love in his blog. “The products are not taxed, and vapor retail stores receive minimal oversight. Frankly, without strict enforcement, many shops won’t be cited for selling to adolescents. For my part, I continue to work with State Sen. Nathan Johnson to move vapor products under tobacco regulations.”

The blog details future recommendations and steps for individuals to take to curb the e-cigarette trend among teenagers.

You can read the full post here.