#HAVHope – national day of awareness to highlight how America’s hospitals can combat violence in our society


The DFW Hospital Council (DFWHC) today would like to join America’s hospitals for #HAVhope, a national day of awareness to highlight how we can combat violence in our communities. Today, June 2, 2023, marks the seventh annual Hospitals Against Violence #HAVhope Friday as hospitals continue to work towards partnerships to build safe workplaces and communities.

“After the shootings on May 6 in Allen, Texas, one realizes the achievement of public health is never easy,” said Stephen Love, president/CEO of DFWHC. “It’s time for a call to action. Decreasing violence in our society and in the workplace should be a top priority for everyone, especially our city, state and federal governments. We cannot afford to wait any longer. This is a public health crisis that claims American lives every day.”

DFWHC would also like to ask Congress to support the Safety from Violence for Healthcare Employees (SAVE) Act, proposed federal legislation to give health care workers the same legal protections against assault and intimidation that flight crews and airport workers have under federal law. Join us and urge members of Congress to support this important legislation.

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