DFWHC’s Love discusses hospital impact and ER wait times


W. Stephen Love

DFW Hospital Council President/CEO W. Stephen Love has been in the news quite a bit over the past week discussing hospital economic impact and emergency room wait times.

In an article in The Dallas Morning News penned by Mitchell Schnurman on August 1 titled “What happens to D-FW’s health care jobs while Obamacare is unsettled?,” Love detailed local executives’ frustration with the uncertain future.

“How are you going to do a budget under these conditions?” Love said. “They don’t know how much revenue they’re going get, they don’t know how much reimbursement they’re going to get, they don’t know how long the programs are even going to be in place.”

Hospitals have to proceed with little clarity about the future of the health law and the Medicaid waiver.

“They have to look in a crystal ball, so most are doing it pretty conservatively,” Love said. “They can’t deliver on a business plan that’s based on wishful thinking.”

You can read the full story here.

In a NBC-DFW TV news segment on July 24, Love was interviewed by Bianca Castro on emergency room wait times in North Texas.

Love said Texas leads the nation in uninsured patients.

“Most people who drive themselves to the emergency departments are really people seeking primary care. Primary care will be delivered, but it’s not the best place for primary care. It creates wait times,” he said. “If you’re going to an emergency room that has trauma built in, like a Level One trauma or a Level Two trauma, sometimes very severe emergencies come in and you’re going to have to wait.”

You can see the full segment here.