DFWHC to participate in national diversity program


The Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council (DFWHC) announced this week it was participating in The Center for Health Affairs and Metropolitan Association Purchasing Services (CHAMPS), a nationwide group purchasing organization (GPO) that emphasizes minority-owned, veteran-owned and women-owned businesses. A file detailing regional and national businesses was distributed to hospital members this week.

“For several decades, DFWHC has worked with state hospital associations and Metropolitan Hospital Associations on initiatives we believe would be beneficial to our member hospitals and associate members,” said Stephen Love, president/CEO of DFWHC. “We are pleased to announce we have entered into an agreement with The Center for Health Affairs, the hospital council of Cleveland, Ohio, regarding a diversity contract portfolio.”

The Center for Health Affairs established CHAMPS in 1980 to promote diversity in the Great Lakes region.

“We understand the hospitals in North Texas have their own GPO’s, but the file we distributed details only minority-owned, veteran-owned and women-owned businesses,” Love said. “It also includes small business enterprises. We thought we would share the document with North Texas hospitals in case procurement departments wanted additional diversity contracts.”

You can view the document here.

For information, please contact Dawn Motiejunas at dmotiejunas@champsgpo.com.