DFWHC teams with OnPlan Health by Flywire to offer healthcare payment solutions


The Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council (DFWHC) and OnPlan Health by Flywire are pleased to announce a strategic partnership, effective immediately. The alliance is expected to benefit North Texas hospitals by enhancing the value DFWHC offers its members through the wide range of patient friendly payment solutions provided by the OnPlan Health platform. The partnership continues a long-standing DFWHC trend to team with select companies that provide valuable services to its healthcare members.

OnPlan Health was co-founded by John Talaga and David King in 2014 to help providers address the increasing patient out-of-pocket collection challenges due to the growth in patient responsibility through high deductible health plans (HDHP).

Prior to OnPlan, John co-founded HealthCom Partners, which served over 500 hospitals with healthcare’s first online account management solution (PatientCompass). HealthCom was sold to McKesson in 2006. In 2018, OnPlan merged with Flywire, a leading provider of global payment and receivables solutions for education, healthcare, and business. OnPlan is now the first all-in-one payment solution to enable providers to conveniently process any payment, international or domestic.

The Affordable Care Act has prompted shifts in the healthcare industry. The most obvious is the offloading of financial risk from payers to providers and patients, largely through the proliferation of high-deductible health plans (HDHPs), but also through rising premiums and copayments. To manage this risk, providers are focusing on making healthcare payments simple and manageable for patients.

OnPlan Health was the industry’s first automated patient engagement and payment plan solution, which pioneered the proactive “offer” and “self-activation” of payment plans based on the way patient’s have paid in the past and their ability to pay (using TU as its partner for credit and financial assessment data).

In addition to its payment plan technology, OnPlan Health provides customers with a fully-integrated suite of patient payment solutions: consolidated statements, online billing and payments, point-of-service payment management, merchant processing services, and security and compliance. OnPlan Health’s automated account management operates as an extension of the hospital’s brand and mission by driving interactions and fostering a spirit of cooperation, flexibility, and partnership.

“OnPlan Health by Flywire is honored to partner with the DFWHC,” said John Talaga, EVP/GM, Healthcare, at Flywire. “We appreciate the opportunity to work with providers to improve the patient financial experience by offering patient friendly payment options that encourage patients to play an active role in their payment experience. We look forward to working with the hospitals of North Texas to reduce their cost to collect, streamline revenue cycle operations, and improve the patient experience.”

Learn more at http://onplanhealth.com/.