DFWHC participates in Vaccinate Texas campaign


Don’t sit on your spurs, the flu just rolled in!

Working with Texas pharmacists, healthcare organizations and legislators, the DFW Hospital Council (DFWHC) is participating in the launch of a Walgreens outreach campaign to educate people on the importance of the flu vaccination. The Vaccinate Texas campaign, which runs from now until the end of the year, highlights cultural aspects unique to Texas, and is geared towards all residents and workers. W. Stephen Love, president/CEO of DFWHC, was interviewed for a series of videos to be used during the campaign.

Getting vaccinated is the best way for people to protect themselves—and others—from contracting this serious, contagious illness. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all Americans age six months and older receive a flu vaccination every year. While vaccination offers the best protection against the flu, fewer than half of Texans (45.2 percent) age six months and older received the flu vaccine during the 2013 – 2014 flu season, according to the CDC. Texans deserve better and this year it is easier than ever to get vaccinated.

Vaccine access has expanded through legislation allowing pharmacists to give the flu vaccine to adults and children age seven and older, and through the proliferation of immunization clinics in private practice and community settings. Most pharmacies and local health departments have a supply of the vaccine on hand. In addition, many organizations, including churches and community centers, offer walk-in immunization clinics at specific dates and times.

You can see the video here.