DFWHC member R-Water detailed on TV for new COVID-19 innovation


An Associate Member of the DFW Hospital Council, R-Water, LLC was highlighted on a July 7 TV broadcast on FOX 26 for their work in battling COVID-19 in public spaces.

R-Water formed an innovative partnership with Arvika Aerial Tech in order to disinfect flight schools in Houston and New Braunfels.

After learning about R-Water, a new generation of non-toxic, yet efficient, disinfectant, Arvika Aerial Tech got the idea of using drones to spray large spaces to kill-off lingering viruses before people could get infected.

“We can disinfect a 15,000-seat stadium in under an hour,” said Paul Woessner of Arvika Aerial Tech. “Contactless, with nobody up in the stands and not needing to hire an army, to do it.”

Rayne Guest, the founder of R-Water, said the new partnership is especially timely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“COVID-19 is a virus and it’s not especially hard to kill,” she said. “Our company’s device produces ‘hypochlorous acid’, which is non-toxic and found in white blood cells to kill pathogens. Used as a disinfectant, it works ten times faster than traditional products.”

She founded the company to find an alternative to toxic and inefficient disinfectants that are, widely, in use.

R-Water is a woman-owned business based in San Marcos, Texas. Their computerized device gives hospitals, hotels, cruise ships, office buildings, restaurants, schools and other facilities the power to produce cutting-edge cleaning and disinfecting solutions on-site. To learn more about how you can protect yourself against the threat of COVID-19, please contact info@r-water.com.