DFWHC and Tap Report webinar “Digitizing Fire Protection Inspections” is just one week away!


The DFW Hospital Council (DFWHC) and Tap Report complimentary webinar “Digitizing Fire Protection Inspections” is just one week away next Thursday, February 24 from 2:00-3:00 p.m., CST. Register today!

To protect facilities against fire-related disasters, extensive protections are necessary. The larger the facility, the more safeguards needed. Routine inspections to ensure your fire protection equipment is operational is not only fundamental, it’s legislated. Through three types of fire protection inspections, this webinar will illuminate why routine inspections are important, how inspections are completed and how leveraging digital inspections can be a lifesaver.

Speakers will include Paul Amendola, Co-Founder of Tap Report; and Stephen Love president/CEO of DFWHC.

You can register here.

For information, please contact Chris Wilson at chrisw@dfwhc.org.