Devastating loss of life


Communities subjected to devastating storms and loss of life over the past days makes us mindful that life is fragile. We express our condolences to all who have lost family and friends in these unthinkable storms. We stand with the survivors as they rebuild their communities and lives.

As we watch news reports describing the destruction of Granbury, Cleburne, Moore and so many other towns and cities, we immediately feel compassion. Such a significant loss of life leaves us feeling empty and helpless. We can only imagine the pain and suffering of survivors. My wife Rebecca and I were blessed with a beautiful granddaughter last September. Emotions ran high as we watched a grandfather on television wandering around the remains of Moore’s elementary school. His granddaughter was missing. He wanted to find her. He could not.

As in all tragedies, we must help our neighbors during this healing process. Today, let’s put health care reform, the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion on the “back burner.” Political debate should be silent. Our primary focus should be to assist our friends in Texas and Oklahoma. Let’s help them during the rebuilding process, underscoring the compassion and dependability of our health care system.

Like our heroic first responders, emergency teams and volunteers, we too can be heroes by rendering compassion to our citizens in need.