COVID-19 Science Spotlight at Perot Museum posted online


Jennifer Finley (l to r), Dr. John Carlo, Stephen Love and Dr. Philip Huang.

The panel discussion “Science Spotlight: COVID-19” hosted at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science yesterday in Dallas has been posted online. The live-streamed event included panelists:

Dr. John Carlo, CEO of Prism Health North Texas and former president of the Dallas County Medical Association;
Jennifer Finley, RN, NCSN, MPA/HCA, Director of Health Services, Dallas Independent School District;
Dr. Philip Huang, MD, MPH, Director, Dallas County Health and Human Services;
Stephen Love, President/CEO, Dallas-Ft. Worth Hospital Council.

The Perot Museum hosted the discussion of subject experts to answer the many questions concerning the potential spread of the virus. Syeda Hasan, KERA mental health reporter, served as moderator.

To date, Dallas County has confirmed 14 presumptive positive cases of the virus, three of whom are out-of-county residents, according to Huang.

“Hospitals have a plan, and we’ve worked with all the county health departments, not just here in Dallas County,” said Love. “Hospitals are also implementing visitation restrictions to prevent the spread of the disease. To do that, each hospital will identify points of entry for visitors to enter and leave the building.”

You can see the full discussion, which begins at the 34-minute mark, here.