Carter BloodCare: Donate Blood So Others Can Live


Long-time DFW Hospital Council (DFWHC) partner Carter BloodCare announced this past summer that due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the North Texas blood shortage is the worst they’ve seen in decades. Throughout 2021, DFWHC has posted regular blogs detailing the blood shortage and opportunities in the community to donate blood. Spread the word!

Since the pandemic began, our community has seen more than ever what happens inside hospital walls, as dedicated health care professionals tackle daily challenges.

The community blood supply is the foundation of a robust medical system. Transfusion – one of the most frequently performed hospital procedures – helps patients from all walks of life. There is no substitute for blood; it only comes from generous volunteer donors.

Limited holiday reserve
Blood donations typically drop in December and January. Blood donations are ready for transfusion within 48 hours, yet that still leaves a limited reserve. Meeting patient needs will be challenging based on the small blood inventory on-hand.

There is a great need for type O blood and platelets. Types O+ and O- are needed because of their compatibility with other blood types. Blood-clotting platelets help people in cancer treatment, surgical patients and those experiencing massive bleeding.

Community blood supply
The need for blood is endless, but availability can change daily. Patients who need transfusions include mothers experiencing difficult childbirths, children with anemia, older adults with health issues, and many others.

Carter BloodCare maintains a community blood supply graph online, highlighting “Critical,” “Urgent” and “Stable” needs.

Critical (less than 1-day’s available supply)
This most-serious status indicates a critically low blood supply; donations of listed blood types are needed ASAP. Under Critical conditions, patients requiring transfusions may not receive them for some time.

Urgent (2-day available supply)
Urgent indicates a low blood supply; donations are urgently needed. There can be a one- to two-day delay before a patient receives blood.

Stable (4-day available supply)
Stable means enough blood is available for daily demands and patients should receive scheduled transfusions.

Keeping up with demand is a collective, consistent effort by all eligible blood donors:

    • Donate blood when you are eligible. Potential donors may give at age 16 with parental consent; 17-year-olds can give independently. There is no upper age limit.
    • Donate more than once annually.
    • Use social media and email to share the need for blood donations, using free resources in Carter BloodCare’s digital toolkit.
    • Visit to find a donor center or blood drive near you, and invite others to donate.

To schedule your next blood donation, call/text Carter BloodCare at 800-366-2834. Para información en español llama: 844-372-5827.