Austin prepares for Coronavirus with new technology saving taxpayers on cleaning chemicals


The Coronavirus is rapidly spreading and the City of Austin is taking charge to defend its community.

Austin’s Building Services Department has implemented a game changing technology from R-Water, a local company headquartered in San Marcos, Texas. This technology enables Building Services to produce a powerful, hypoallergenic disinfectant and a powerful, hypoallergenic all-purpose cleaner on-site. The disinfectant kills Coronavirus and other harmful pathogens lightning fast, without posing a threat to the workers using it.

“It’s amazing what a little change, like these solutions, can do for morale,” said Eric Herman, Public Services Manager for The City of Austin.

In addition to providing protection against the Coronavirus pandemic, the program is saving taxpayer dollars to boot – a 54 percent reduction in chemical expenses over three years.

The program has already been implemented in several of the city’s facilities including Human Health Services, Austin Animal Center, Austin Police Department, Austin Municipal Court, Downtown Austin Community Court and One Texas Center. They are aggressively expanding throughout additional city buildings.

While green products aren’t known for performing well, Herman has had a different experience with R-Water. “My boss says I’m a rock star for coming up with innovative ways to get things done,” he said. “R-Water’s technology works better and faster than anything we’ve ever used before.”

An Associate Member of the DFW Hospital Council, R-Water is a woman-owned business that manufactures and distributes a computerized device that gives businesses the power to produce cutting-edge cleaning and disinfecting solutions on-site. To learn more about how you can protect yourself against the threat of Coronavirus, visit R-Water at or contact

For more information, please contact Priscilla Nichols at or 512-808-4100.