Abilene Christian University Blog: 4 reasons why RNs should pursue a BSN


The following is a blog posted by DFW Hospital Council Associate Member Abilene Christian University. For questions, please contact Chris Wilson at chrisw@dfwhc.org.

America’s healthcare industry is changing at a rapid rate. Due to this, the demand for individuals with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is higher than ever. In fact, the field of nursing will see an expected growth rate of 7 percent by 2029. Wondering if it’s time to take your nursing career to the next level? Check out the top four reasons why RNs should pursue a BSN degree online.

The qualifications that come with earning your BSN provide a number of opportunities to advance your professional vocation. The healthcare industry demands strong leaders and management teams. Acquiring a BSN credential helps prepare and equip you for both leadership and specialty positions, giving you a broader selection of higher-level roles. Additionally, if you plan to become an Advanced Practice Nurse (APRN), nurse executive, or a nurse educator, earning your BSN is a great first step to pursuing those goals through graduate study.

Having your BSN allows for focused scopes of work through specialty positions. Becoming an expert in one specialty can open up avenues to work in areas such as rehabilitation, genetics, critical care, and more. The degree also provides an edge when applying for a role in a department that might be more competitive.

There are many benefits to choosing an online BSN program. Many are designed to help excel your career quickly and accommodate your schedule while continuing to work as an RN. In fact, what you’re learning in your courses can be applied directly to the scenarios around you. A fully online BSN program allows you to expand your knowledge base, participate in interactive exercises, and strengthen your critical thinking skills all from the comfort of your own space and in as few as 8 months.

The payoff of an advanced degree is invaluable. While salary varies depending on your position, where you work, and your experience, your pay does increase due to your credentials. The opportunities to fill more coveted roles becomes exponentially greater compared to that of an RN or entry-level nurse.

Curious if you should consider getting a BSN degree? Learn more about our 100% online RN to BSN track at acu.edu/online.