What is the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council?

The Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit trade organization governed by an 14-member Board of Trustees that consists of hospital chief executive officers or chief operating officers elected annually by voting members.

Where is DFWHC located?

DFWHC’s address is 250 Decker Drive, Irving, Texas, 75062. Our headquarters is located in Las Colinas. For an online map and directions to DFWHC from your location, please click here: Map of 250 Decker Drive

Does DFWHC have a governing board?

DFWHC is governed by an 15-member Board of Trustees consisting of hospital Chief Executive Officers or Chief Operating Officers. They are elected annually by the voting members to serve a three-year term. The Board is authorized via bylaws the discretion of selecting two additional ex-officio, non-voting members to serve for a one-year term to provide specific expertise.

Who are DFWHC’s members?

DFWHC’s members are hospitals within 50 miles of DFWHC’s headquarters in Irving, Texas. These hospitals are eligible for Regular Membership, to include voting privileges. Hospitals outside of the 50-mile radius are eligible for Class II Membership (with a non-voting status). Associate Membership is available to professional organizations that provide services within the healthcare field, but are not eligible for Regular Membership. Associate Membership enables non-hospitals to participate in DFWHC activities. A Personal Membership is available to students, residents or faculty of educational institutions. The Personal Membership is also available to individuals not employed by institutions eligible for Regular or Associate membership. Privileges are similar to those of Associate Membership.